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Saint-Exupery saw the world through the eyes of a bird and the protagonist of his story The Little Prince. He once wrote that his goaltender who sweep small portion of the planet, and the lamplighter that illuminates the darkness of the universe. Imbued with the clarity of these simple words, life takes on a special meaning. And for us, the creators of the almanac “The Costa Brava Travel”, you hold now in yours hands is a wonderful piece of our planet and a way to communicate with different people from different cities and countries, informing them about these places, rich history, legends, holidays and happy people. It is impossible to put between its pages the smell of the Mediterranean Sea, the charming sound of the waves, the ability to feel underfoot hot rocks by the sun, which line the narrow streets of medieval towns, generously scattered throughout Costa Brava and Catalonia. But we can guarantee that every square centimeter of our magazine is filled with joy and love that we - our readers.

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