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information Jewelry Pere Quera en Girona / Figueras / Costa Brava (Spain)
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Jewelry Pere Quera en Girona / Figueras / Costa Brava (Spain) Jewelry Pere Quera en Girona / Figueras / Costa Brava (Spain)




Jewelry Pere Quera

Girona / Figueras / Costa Brava




The establishment’s story begins in 1887, when Pere Quera i Oliveras, a silversmith from Terrades, purchased the building at 24 Carrer Argenteria in Girona. He was 65 years old at the time and he settled in there together with his son Pere and his wife Teresa Bosch. The location of the shop was no accident, as at the end of the 19th century many of Girona’s businesses were grouped together by professions and established in the silversmiths’ street.

That same year, Pere Quera i Oliveras and his family opened a small silverwear shop in the premises they had just bought. There they also began repairing gold and silver jewelry. Thanks to their good workmanship and their friendly disposition, they soon established a regular clientele and they began to involve themselves actively in the day-to-day bustle of a street with a life its own.





The fascinating establishment, which Pere Quera i Oliveras purchased in 1887 in the heart of Girona is today a benchmark in the industry.

On the first floor, where he used to live, there is a watchmaking technical support service, with professionals trained in the top factories and by manufacturers of the best brands. It offers an efficient after-sales service and maximum convenience for the customers.





These is also a jewelry making workshop which, apart from repairing and restoring pieces, has a center for designing and creating original jewelry based on tradition and influenced by avant-gardism.

In order to show all the innovations in a more comfortable and personalized way, for the last 5 years the shop has had its own exhibition room, where the arcades of the historic building are preserved. This enables each brand’s essence to be transmitted by personalizing the area according to the collection being presented.

On the ground floor, a variety of individualized areas has been constructed where the world of some of the top brands can be discovered privately at leisure.





Over 125 years of history, many things have obviously changed, but the six generations of love for this profession have made its mainstays unalterable: warm, friendly and personalized service, knowledge of the profession, commitment to quality, high standards and enthusiasm are values which have endured over the years.












Girona Figueres

C/ Argenteria, 22 C/ Lasauca, 1
Girona (Spain) Figueras, Girona (Spain)
Tel.: (+34) 972 20 46 90 Tel.: (+34) 972 511 545
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