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information Unión Suiza in Barcelona (Spain)
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Unión Suiza in Barcelona (Spain) Unión Suiza in Barcelona (Spain)




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Unión Suiza is a benchmark family company in the watchmaking and fine jewellery sector. Since its creation in Barcelona in 1840, the company has not ceased to reinvent itself, constantly moving forward with the changing times and fashions. And within those fashions, Unión Suiza has always aptly managed to forge its own particular style and solid work.

Today, 173 years later, the sixth generation of this emblematic company, has even challenged their own history, using the rhombus, which for decades has been the Unión Suiza identifying emblem, as a main part of their design.

Unión Suiza is launching collections full of light and colour, combining shapes and textures that come together in striking and elegant designs. In addition, always featured is the rhombus, the company’s identifying emblem, which, whether obviously or subtly, can only emerge from an in-depth study of shape.

The latest collections, Paradis, Paradis Urban, Tangram and Parisien, combine materials like gold, silver and steel, among others, with the gleaming light of diamonds and stones such as onyx, topaz, amethyst, quartz, agate, etc., to endow each piece with the traditional essence of Unión Suiza.

The values of elegance and distinction have been intrinsically tied to the Unión Suiza spirit since the company’s creation, and today they form part of the DNA of its jewellery. As a result, these collections are sure to seduce and enhance the beauty of today’s woman when she wears them, while also instilling in her the values of the brand.






Paradis Collection



Unión Suiza surprises us once again with the Paradis collection, featuring a new interpretation of its rhombus, which has always been the brand’s identifying emblem.
This collection owes its name to the firm’s express desire to pay tribute to Carlos Vendrell Paradis (1886-1969), the Vendrell family’s fourth generation of jewellers.
The collection was conceived with the aim of modifying the geometric shape of the rhombus, by incorporating curved lines to create an exquisite and harmonious visual softness.
An intense study of design has enabled the company to alter the angles of the rhombus, in order to combine the different shapes obtained in a sort of mosaic. This breaks the characteristic symmetry of the rhombus, making for softer and more original shapes.





Paradis Urban Collection



This is the most daring version of the Paradis collection. Jewellery pieces with a bright and original design. A true breath of fresh air to wear and enjoy every day.
Boasting an essentially young and urban flair, these pieces feature precious metals such as gold and silver, which are combined to perfection with the faint and affable hues of white agate and blue and rose quartzes.
Black diamonds and onyx help create a contrast, making for a lovely and harmonious design.





Parisien Collection



Evocative of the Art Deco movement, the Parisien collection revisits the most classical vision of luxury, capturing all the tradition and rigor of Unión Suiza.
This collection takes us back to the festive years of the “roaring ‘20s”, when geometric gems shimmered for their elegance and exceptional quality. The new image of the era called for a type of jewellery with an identity of its own, featuring simple lines and bright colours. As a result, the Art Deco style left a sold mark on jewellery, bringing forth vibrant greens, blues, reds and blacks, while also using gemstones such as the onyx, the sapphire, the diamond and the ruby, among others.
In keeping with the dictates of the fashion of that era, the earrings of the Parisien collection are long and made in white and rose gold. At their heart, a central trapezium onyx forms the point of convergence for white and brown diamonds, which come together with cabochon ruby, rutilated quartz, blue topaz and rhodolites.





Tangram Collection



The Tangram is probably the world’s most ancient known puzzle. For the Chinese, it was the “table of wisdom”. Its challenge resides in the formation of infinite geometric shapes.
Unión Suiza has once again met the challenge. Using this puzzle, the company set out to play with the icon of its brand, the rhombus, creating different geometric figures that would give rise to the Tangram collection.
The fine material of choice for this collection is gold, in white, rose or yellow, with handset white, black and brown diamonds. Here, each combination gives each piece its own distinct tone and personality.
This collection features a wide array of accessories, including earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and even a spectacular gold and diamond tiara.









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