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information Kitchens Santos, Blanes (Girona)
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Kitchens Santos, Blanes (Girona) Kitchens Santos, Blanes (Girona)



Santos kitchens: designed to help you

Functionality • ergonomy • versatility





The study of the type of work undertaken in the kitchen affects the kitchen's design because each task requires a specific solution. Santos' aim is to make cooking an experience that is more comfortable, quicker, cleaner and satisfying.




A space for each person

Houses equipped with Santos kitchens


Each person needs to create their own personal space, adapting it to their way of thinking and lifestyle. At Santos we work hard to help this creative process for the kitchen, the real center of the home.  We offer solutions that respond to the needs of each person, home and environment. 






Why choose a Santos kitchen?

Some reasons for trusting us


At Santos we carefully design kitchens to be resistant, functional destined to satisfy the user's work, storage and organization needs. Kitchens where each module makes the most of the available space.


• Designed to help you

• Our interiors define us

• Our sink units are unique

• We meet the highest of demands: marine board

• We offer self-developed solutions

• We care about what is seen and work on what is not seen








Show Room :
Anselm Clavé, 82

Blanes (Girona)


Tel. 972 35 44 00

Fax 972 33 45 68