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information Mobles Butiña, furniture shop, Sils, Girona (Spain)
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Mobles Butiña, furniture shop, Sils, Girona (Spain) Mobles Butiña, furniture shop, Sils, Girona (Spain)



Mobles Butiña

Sils, Girona (Spain)





Mobles Butiñà is one of the most innovating enterprises in Catalonia. Paradoxically it is also one of the oldest furniture shops and it has more than 160 years of history within the furniture and decoration world. After its recent enlargement and renovation, it has a surface of 5000 square meters.

The new premises have increased the showroom area in the furniture and textile area and have allowed the incorporation of a new section monographically dedicated to kitchens. In fact, the kitchen area can be considered as an independent and specialized shop inside the furniture shop, which has become one of the biggest shops in this sector. Mobles Butiñà has progressively grown and increased its products. This is why nowadays the shop can offer different kind of products such as bathrooms, fireplaces, doors, parquets and household appliances amongst other products.







Design and Projects: we make your dreams come true



Mobles Butiñà offers the client a comprehensive service, which includes the client's initial assessment and projects according to the client real needs and preferences.

Mobles Butiñà also works with well-known architects and interior designers when bigger and more complex projects require it.






After sales service



Moles Butiñà sets a compromise with the client that goes beyond the sale and installation. This means that we want to obtain the full satisfaction of our clients and this is why we can guarantee a complete after sales service according to the needs and characteristics of the sale.








Ctra. N-II, Km. 694

Sils, Girona (Spain)


Tel.: (+34) 972 853 068