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LUPO, designer handbags and leather accessories in Barcelona (Spain)










1920 It all begins in Barcelona in a workshop located in the neighborhood of Gracia, where luggage is being produced, that would soon be known all around the world.

The first suitcases and portable trunks travel on boats that sail from the port of Barcelona, connecting Spain with different countries. LUPO first store was opened in 1950 in Barcelona and the boutique became a must among the most elegant circles in the Barcelona society.









LUPO at the forefront of ART

A LUPO is a discreet companion who conforms to endorsing it


We gather what's close to us: the sensuality of the Mediterranean, where we are from, and a European taste, but our aim is to belong to the world, to join its diversity with our contribution.  






Faithful.Timeless. Always. Always LUPO








Our ICON - The ABANICO handbag





Our model Abanico, was awarded the prize for best design at the MIPEL leather fair in Milan in 2001, making LUPO the first non-Italian brand to deserve this recognition.  The Abanico is now an original bag with a sculptural pleated design that has become a real trend-setter.

We create a product with its own character, manufactured with sensibility and honesty and we seek excellence through attention to detail and a refined finish.









Abanico Black Diamond




The Abanico Black Diamond is the new exclusive Abanico Limited Edition. The handbag is made by using the best leather including the inner lining that makes this model exclusive. It has diamonds cut irregularly hemispherical built by hand.










Leather on Leather





Our handbags are made of the best quality leather, which comes from animals Intended for Food Industry Expert Selected Hands rigor BY scam.


Beyond the demanded quality, the skins used by LUPO invite you to feel them thanks to their special, sensual and delicate touch. A treat for the senses.


Excellent leather texture, treated by the best tanneries and artisan processes.










We do things as they have always done. Manually




With devotion to quality, design thinking, and mime in the process of service delivery.


We create a product with its own character, manufactured with sensibility and honesty and we seek excellence through attention to detail and a refined finish. With a passion for detail. Own factories which allow greater control of the finished product.













Faithful to the line of Gaudí design, LUPO think of their creations in ways that continue to function, structures extending from the inside out , according to the needs of those who will use each piece.

Organizational structure, plans and parts that are built from the desire of arriving at profit unhindered.









La Pedrera by LUPO Barcelona





The emblematic building, La Pedrera has almost a million visitors per year and is one of the top 8 places to visit in Barcelona.

LUPO Barcelona has been selected to be the only licensed brand for La Pedrera (casa Milá) in leather. It is a pleasure to create a tribute to Gaudí in one of his most outstanding works. The collection created by LUPO consists of 8 different models in limited editions with serial numbers.









LUPO shops



C/Mallorca 257, Barcelona




Passeig de Gràcia 124, Barcelona



C/lloveras 30, Reus