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Restaurant Mas de Torren, Torrent




Restaurant Mas de Torren




The restaurant Mas de Torrent is considered one of the best places to enjoy food in the whole of the Empordà region.

Our carefully thought-out menu showcases some of the freshest local seasonal ingredients, earning a respected reputation in a region which is one the world’s capitals for fine dining. Additionally, the restaurant offers an extensive cellar and an excellent sommelier service.

Summer nights are even more magical when enjoying a delicious dinner on the restaurant’s moonlight terrace. The restaurant Mas de Torrent is open to anyone wishing to experience a memorable dining experience in the heart of the Empordà.

The menu with the gastronomic advisory by Fina Puigdevall, grand chef restaurant Les Cols d'Olot, two star Michelin.










Afores de Torrent s/n,

Torrent, Costa Brava (Spain)


Reservations +34 972 303 292