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Alvin Klotz, «H&K Klotz Guri Arquitectos» in Barcelona / Girona / Costa Brava




Alvin Klotz, «H&K Klotz Guri Arquitectos»

Barcelona / Girona / Costa Brava





Since the date of foundation H&K Klotz Guri Arquitectos S.L.P. has provided a variety of hotels, private and public housing projects, urban projects, structure repairing and revitalization of buildings and also private and commercial interior design projects, have been planned, executed and finished.

Forming society with the Architect Rainer Henke Steiner in Mallorca a variety of private houses have also been finished on Mallorca / Spain.

Authentic and well-conceived architecture has its origin in the mixture of design and functionality respecting the rational needs of the client.
H&K dedicates special emphasis on the creation of buildings that preserve the same original values from the moment they were planed and constructed, surprising the user with their architecture and design day by day. This objective can only be reached by combining modern and traditional materials used by well-instructed specialists.










C/ Sant Antoni, 60, bajos

Calella, Barcelona (Spain)


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