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information El Prat Airport, Barcelona (Spain)
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El Prat Airport, Barcelona (Spain)





El Prat Airport

Barcelona (Spain)



The Barcelona Airport (El Prat) is located at a distance of 20-minute journey by car from the city. Today it is the biggest air-junction of the Iberian Peninsular. The busiest airline in the world: Madrid-Barcelona transports about 30. 000. 000 passengers per year.






One can get to the airport by several means of transport


• By taxi – for 25 euros from Barcelona. You can take a taxi in any more or less busy town street.


• By the electric train RENFE from the stations Clot Argo, Passeg de Gracia and Sants – on the Metro maps this line is named R2 (it is light green). The journey to the airport takes 20 minutes.  The ticket from Barcelona costs 3 euros. This is the amount of the fare to the second zone, where the airport is situated.

I can give a tip to the tourists: the exit doors of the tourniquets always open automatically, therefore, nothing terrible will happen, if, incidentally, you buy a ticket for 2 euros, that is, for one zone. All the same, they let out everybody, even if one loses the ticket.


• By bus – the fare is 6 euros. You may leave from the Metro Station Placa Catalunua (Catalunua Square); and, at the same price, from the bus-station, which is situated at the Metro Station Arc de Triumf (Triumph Arch). The journey time to the airport covers 25 minutes. Normally, in Barcelona there are no traffic jams. Nevertheless, if you are leaving on a Friday night, then, in order to be on the safe side, leave 20 minutes earlier, to overcome some unforeseen circumstances, because the citizens on Fridays at 6 p. m. go to their residences in country places. Therefore, the traffic may be heavier and it may take extra 15-20 minutes.








The airport, built of concrete and glass, looks very beautiful and it has nothing unnecessary about it. It is very convenient to study the schedule of the arrival and departure of the planes in the official site of Aena.  The Barcelona airport has two terminals: 1 and 2. Terminal 1 – is a more modern building and is located a bit further than Terminal 2. Between the terminals plies a bus “shuttle” – free of charge, it takes 7 minutes of riding, at intervals about 5-7 minutes. By the way, the electric train RENFE arrives at Terminal 2; therefore, if you leave from Terminal 1, then you should take a “shuttle”. (Interactive plan of airport)