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information The concept of local security. Police at Lloret de Mar.
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The concept of local security. Police at Lloret de Mar.




The concept of local security at Lloret de Mar



Lloret de Mar is a tourist municipality and as such the Tourism Law of Catalonia establishes that the tourist municipalities will have to give among other services, the services of "Citizen Security and Civil Protection".

Following this mandate the Town Hall of Lloret de Mar exercises these competences through the Department of Security, which is divided into two areas: Local Police and Civil Protection.

Actually the head of the Department of Security is the deputy governor Mr. Josep Lluís Llirinós.

Altogether, in the Department of Security work more than a hundred people, although the most important part corresponds to the local police. The main objective is to guarantee the safety of the resident and the tourist, from the proximity, providing a quick and professional response to any risk that may affect the people residing in Lloret or visiting us.

At the command of the local police, there is a Chief Inspector, Mr. Joaquim Martín Sanjuan and directing the Civil Protection Area is Mr. Felip Carbonell Marin.





Sharing urban space: civility



Local police is responsible for preventing and controlling the behavior of people, tourists or residents, which could put safety at risk.

For the establishment of the rules that have to guarantee the coexistence in the public spaces the Town Hall has approved some basic norms, in this case they are the municipal ordinances, among which the ones of citizenship and coexistence stand out.

From the Local Police of Lloret it is highlighted that the best form of prevention is "social control", understood as the control exerted by the individuals of a society on their own behavior and of the others to try to avoid, from the hospitality, behaviors that may disturb other people or put on risk the social peace.

In order to spread this methodology of work among tourists, it is very necessary to count with the collaboration of the entire tourism sector, the people who work directly with the tourists, from travel agencies in the countries of origin, internet tour operators, People working in hotels, restaurants, leisure facilities... All of them with the purpose of informing the tourist that in Lloret there are rules of coexistence so that the people enjoy their vacations peaceful, without disturbing or being disturbed. Above all, with the security that before any unforeseen will have the help of the local police.

To give some examples, in Lloret you cannot go without t-shirt, naked or semi naked in the city except in the area of beaches, you cannot sing or scream along the public road at any time of day or night. The objective is, as we have said, not to disturb or be disturbed.





Local police units, modern and specialized police services



The Local Police of Lloret de Mar is a modern police force equipped with the latest technology, a technology that goes from the traffic cameras to facilitate the management of mobility in the town. Security cameras and registration detectors that facilitate the investigations in case of infractions that occur in the city and also working methodologies to facilitate citizens' access to information and direct contact. Either in person at our installations, or by telephone through the emergency line 112 or through social networks, Facebook and Twitter (@pllloret), social networks that place the Local Police of Lloret with one of the most influential police with 1,850 followers on Twitter and 2,550 on facebook.

Among the operational response services, we have the K9 Dog Section, consisting of 3 dogs (Jake, Nala and Llamp) and two canine quides police officers, with a triple function that they develop with a high degree of preparation. Their operational function for reporting and prosecution of crimes related to drug consumption and traffic, participation in educational programs among young people and promotion of the image of Lloret de Mar.

It should also be highlighted the attention to people office, which works in direct coordination with the staff of the tourist offices and maintains the fundamental objective of attending to people who have some mishap in our city despite all the preventive work that is done. So that in no case they feel alone whatever the country they are and whatever the difficulty that they have found.





Beaches, shopping areas and hotels surveillance



Prevention is the element that defines the police service in Lloret de Mar. We have to remember that there are also other police forces with functions that although being different, complement each other and allow to affirm that Lloret de Mar is a safe city.

The police of the Catalonia’s Government, Mossos d'Esquadra, have the powers of public security and therefore perform investigation functions and crime prevention functions. Therefore, there is a coordination between the local police with competencies in citizen security and the Catalonia’s Government police, Mossos d'Esquadra. In the same way, it collaborates with other two police forces of the Spanish State, National Police and Civil Guard, although their competences related to citizen security are smaller.

The public security occupies those affectations to the security that forces to the investigation under judicial protection, those actions that significantly affect the security of the community affecting in many occasions areas above the municipality. Citizen security basically occupies the administrative area and minor crimes, those behaviors that put at risk the peaceful coexistence of people, for example, excessive noise, discussions on public areas, or small traffic of drugs.

This model of work is transferred to the territory, establishing priority surveillance by all security forces and also civil protection in places frequented by tourists, as well as in their places of residence. The work during these years, and the normal monitoring of their belongings by our visitors have made Lloret a cosmopolitan city, with a wide cultural, leisure and landscape offer, but at the same time, a very safe city for the visitor.







The civil protection service in Lloret de Mar


Lloret de Mar is a touristic town with more than twenty thousand registered habitants, for this reason and according to the law, it is obliged to a Civil Protection service.

Nowadays this service is part of the Public Security area as well as the Local Police service and Mobility.

Its beginnings go back to the year 1991 and since then until today has followed an upward trajectory of development until becoming one of Civil Protection service reference in Catalonia, being among the few that have paid and voluntary staff working simultaneously 365 days a year.




Functions of the Civil Protection service



The main function of this service is safeguard the lives of people, their property, the animals and the environment.

At Lloret de Mar, in addition to the generic function, writes the corresponding emergency and safety plans and protocols. Intervenes preventively in public acts and activities and also support and advise public and security services in situations of risk or emergency (Local Police, Firemen, supply services, etc.)




Protection and civil security



Lloret de Mar as a tourist town by excellence watches over the safety of its habitants and those who’s visit it. Therefore, the security of the people not only focuses on the town itself, but also at the beaches and the rural environment surrounding the village where the activities carried out can be a risk for the people who participate on them.

For that reason, the Civil Protection service is present in the sea, the beaches or in the mountains.








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